Free Learn to Swim Assessment & Lesson

If your child hasn't swum with us before, simply fill out this form and someone will call you as soon as they can to book your child in for a free swim assessment & lesson. We run lessons every morning from Monday to Saturday, and weekday afternoons. Assessments can be done either before our teachers start their classes, or immediately after they finish, and they take around 5 minutes.

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How this works

After clicking the “OPEN” button, a new form will appear right before your eyes.  Pretty self-explanatory, just fill in each field and when you are happy, press the “SEND ENQUIRY” button at the bottom of the form.

Remember that when you see a “*” next to a field, that you are required to fill that part in to make sure your request gets to us properly.

Some fields require certain types of info.  For example, the “phone number” field will only accept numbers.  Don’t worry, if you’ve made a mistake you will be prompted to make the change before any info is sent to us.

A confirmation screen will appear to let you know that your request has made its way to us properly.  You’ll also get a confirmation email sent to the address you provide us with. 

Were you wondering what type of facilities we have?

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